The Alberta Elder Abuse Awareness Council is a network of Albertans dedicated to increasing awareness and supporting a community response to elder abuse.
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Edmonton and Area

If you are experiencing abuse or neglect, or if you suspect that an older adult is being harmed or mistreated, there is help available in the Edmonton area.

Emergency Contact 9-1-1

Seniors Abuse HelpLine 780.454.8888

Seniors Protection Partnership 780.477.2929

Edmonton Seniors Safe Housing 780.702.1520

Alberta Elder Abuse Awareness Network 780.392.3267
Today Family Violence Centre
Pat Power

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What We're Doing in Edmonton

The process used to develop the Edmonton response to elder abuse was one of building on previous community efforts and key community based recommendations. Since the mid 1980's many stakeholders have been involved in the development of the community response to elder abuse. Efforts have ranged from increasing awareness through information sharing to the enhancement of existing services and the development of new resources. The focus of the Edmonton response is to build a collaborative, coordinated community response. Through collaboration and community development efforts many sectors of the community including government and non-profit agencies have worked with the community at large to centralize efforts in order to explore the issue and address the areas of need. These community based efforts have resulted in the creation of:

Seniors Protection Partnership

A collaborative effort between City of Edmonton Community Services, the Edmonton Police Service, Victorian Order of Nurses and Catholic Social Services.

Edmonton Seniors' Safe Housing

A program of the Seniors Association of Greater Edmonton

Seniors' Abuse HelpLine

A collaborative effort between the Edmonton Seniors' Safe Housing, a program of the Seniors Association of the Greater Edmonton Area (SAGE), the Elder Abuse Intervention Team (Edmonton Police Service, City of Edmonton Community Services, Victorian Order of Nurses and Catholic Social Services) and The Support Network (TSN). The United Way provided funding to support the initiative.

Edmonton Elder Abuse Consultation Team

The objective of this committee is to provide a forum for those working directly or indirectly with the issue ofelder abuse to meet on a monthly basis. The purpose will be to network, share expertise, discuss cases, facilitate problem solving, expedite the referral process, identify gaps in service and develop strategies to move Elder Abuse from the realm of "private troubles" to the larger issue of creating social change. Currently, on the Consultation Team there are 31 professionals representing 24 different agencies and organizations from the Edmonton community.

Other Initiatives have included:

  • Elder Abuse - What is it? What can be done about it? (a resource booklet – developed by the Community Action Committee on Elder Abuse)
  • Older Adult Knowledge Network (a website project led by the University of Alberta Legal Studies Program)
  • Seniors Fraud Awareness Committee (A past committee led by Alberta Seniors which brought together various organizations throughout the province to develop a fraud awareness campaign which included an educational package called "If In Doubt Check It Out")
  • Edmonton Elder Abuse Peer Support Program (a pilot project involving the YWCA of Edmonton, the Community Action Committee on Elder Abuse and the Elder Abuse Intervention Team. During the pilot this program matched trained individuals, 60 years of age or older, to provide support, information or practical assistance to older adults impacted by abuse. Today this program continues to provide senior peer supporters to clients of the Edmonton Seniors' Safe Housing)
  • Alberta Elder Abuse Awareness Council

Services in this community

Useful Resources

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