The Alberta Elder Abuse Awareness Council is a network of Albertans dedicated to increasing awareness and supporting a community response to elder abuse.
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Medicine Hat and Area

If you are experiencing abuse or neglect, or if you suspect that an older adult is being harmed or mistreated, there is help available in the Medicine Hat area.

Emergency Contact 9-1-1

Branch Senior Support - 403-504-1811 Ext 114

Alberta Elder Abuse Awareness Network and City of Medicine Hat, Senior Services Community Resource Worker (Shantel Ottenbreit) – 403-529-8368

Medicine Hat Women’s Shelter Society Crisis Line at 403-529-1091

What We're Doing in the Medicine Hat Area

As part of the response to Elder Abuse in our community, community partners have formed the Regional Family Violence Committee. Together we work to bring awareness to, address, and one day hopefully ends family violence across the lifespan.

CRANE's Goal

To decrease elder abuse and neglect through a coordinated, collaborative community response by providing education, advocacy and response to address the emotional, financial, physical, or sexual abuse and neglect or self-neglect of older persons in our community.

CRANE's community-based approach to wellness is a partnership among stakeholders, committed to the goal.


Over the past four years, more than forty stakeholders, representing the well-being of older persons and families, developed a service delivery model and its practical application. The Edmonton Elder Abuse Intervention Team members shared their service delivery models, success stories and best practices which helped to officially launch CRANE in June 2004 during Seniors Week.

Strong communication links the stakeholders for effective referrals and problem-solving through case conferencing. CRANE Champions deliver public awareness sessions. Posters, business cards, and fridge magnets are some of the ways CRANE is promoted throughout the community. Cultures and generations were connected as volunteers from age 8 to 80 folded origami cranes to help market the CRANE number 529-4798.

Service Delivery Model Selection

CRANE's multidisciplinary partnership promotes access to information about crime prevention; family matters; housing or lodging; income support; mental health; nutrition; physical well-being; socialization or recreation; and, transportation. EAR (Education ~ Advocacy ~ Response) clarifies our service delivery model.

A six committee structure forms the Community Mobilization Strategy on: Education; Advocacy; Response; Marketing; Outreach; and, Resources. Terms of reference for each committee and the Stakeholder Group determines goals and objectives with meetings held throughout the year.

For further information, please contact Shantel Ottenbreit, CRANE Champion at 403.529.8368.

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