The Alberta Elder Abuse Awareness Council is a network of Albertans dedicated to increasing awareness and supporting a community response to elder abuse.
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The Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo

If you are experiencing abuse or neglect, or if you suspect that an older adult is being harmed or mistreated, there is help available within the Municipality of Wood Buffalo.

Emergency Contact 9-1-1

R.C.M.P. Complaint Line 780.788.4000

Family and Community Support Services 780.743.7924

Alberta Elder Abuse Awareness Network 780.799.8673

Steve Andrejiw: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

more information about services in the Fort McMurray area

What We're Doing in the Wood Buffalo Region

The Wood Buffalo Senior Resource Committee is an interagency group that meets monthly to promote and support initiatives to meet the needs of senior citizens. One of the many tasks of the committee was to update and relaunch the Elder Abuse Awareness Guide on World Elder Abuse Awareness Day on June 15, 2009. The guide was reproduced to raise awareness of elder abuse, to provide resource information, and to engage agencies in responding to elder abuse issues.

The following partners were involved:
  • RCMP
  • Victims Services
  • Prevention of Family Violence & Bullying Coordinator

Elder Abuse response within the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo is coordinated through the RCMP

Useful Resources:

It's Your Business – Elder Abuse resource guide for the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo

A Seniors Guide to Fraud Prevention

Helping Hands - A Service Provider's Resource Manual for Elder Abuse in Alberta

Golden Years - Elder abuse - A Handbook for Front-Line Helpers Working With Seniors

Available through:

Family and Community Support Services and/or Rural Contact offices
Main Floor, Jubilee Building
9909 Franklin Avenue
Fort McMurray, Alberta

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