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posted by Alberta Elder Abuse Network on TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 14, 2012   |     1   Comment

Please consider that this blog is not monitored continuously and as such, is not to be considered a place to receive advice or immediate response.  For support, information and resources in your area, please visit the "Getting Help" tab on the yellow bar at the top of your screen or click on the map in the bottom left corner.

If your safety and well being is at immediate risk, please call 9-1-1 or go to a place/person you trust for assistance.

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missing dad
posted by son on SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 17, 2012   |     0   Comments
a called daily and the day they sent him home i offered to come back and ham him stay with us for a while, i also called the nexy day asking to speak to him privately but my stepmom would no get off the phone, the conversation with her got very ugly due to the whole thing. she starting yelling at my dad to tell me what he did over and over , my dad loves it here and doesnt want to leave . but i feel he is being brainwashed and done something bad. i feel my stepmom wants me out of his life because there gettin old and there house will ony be giving to here side of family. and she feels my dad doesnt deserve anything especially a relationship me . i can barely speak about this still after three years it upsets me so much, i miss him alot. i try to call and they wont talk to i feel its because if he does my stepmom makes it very difficult for him and he doesnt have the energy to overcome her harshness. i feel three years is way to long and this is exactly what my stepmom has been trying to accomplise for years. she has been jealous of our closeness forever
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Does My Aunt Require Help?
posted by Marc B on WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 29, 2012   |     1   Comment
Hi- Im worried that my Great-Aunt (81yrs) is being taken advantage of. There has been a hospital preacher/deacon (53yrs) spending considerable time with her- including out of town road trips. My Aunt is boarder-line in love with him after the short time of roughly 6months. I have recently learned from other family members that my Great Aunt is giving him a $10,000 gift. I respect my Aunts privacy and integrity very much and do not want to interfere unless there is a real threat of her person or property. I have no proof of his dishonest intentions, but my instincts have me worried. If anyone has any insight I would truly appreciate all opinions. Regards, Marc B
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posted by Sonya on WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 15, 2012   |     2   Comments
My in-laws are in their eighties and are currently living in a seniors residence (with provisions for assisted living) - they live independently. Several months ago their adult son moved in with them. He is unemployed (has been for a very long time) and provides no financial support. In addition, he is an alcoholic who becomes verbally and psychologically abusive. Both in-laws have health issues and the additional stress of having their son and his disruptive behavior is making the situation worse. We have talked to the son, delivered the hard message about getting a job and getting out but my in-laws will not follow through with having their son leave. We are concerned that my in-laws will be asked to leave the residence for either his presence (I dont believe they are supposed to have long term guests) or his behavior, or that their health will continue to be impacted. What action can we take to get their son out of their home, if any? Your suggestions are welcome - they are in the Calgary metro area.
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senior abuse
posted by rdn235143 on TUESDAY, JULY 31, 2012   |     2   Comments
A neighbour is what I believe to be experiencing elder abuse. A 78 year old woman has her son living with her. Since his arrival she has lost her power, phone, and gas. He has pilfered her of her money and has lost the ability to pay for her bills. If there is no power how is she able to have food? If she has no power how can she cook? The immediate neighbours have many more concerns as they witness a lot of inappropriate activity. How do we get her help? We live in a gated community, but she will not kick her sponge son out. He knows this and takes advantage of that fact. We worry for her health and wellness.
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Abuse in seniors home
posted by Brenda on TUESDAY, JUNE 26, 2012   |     4   Comments
My Mother experienced abuse in a seniors home.. as a result she passed away 8 days later.. we need to fix this problem so it wont happen again..who do I talk to and what can I do..
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Financial abuse
posted by Sonya on TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 15, 2011   |     2   Comments
My sister abused her POA. She has emptied my mothers bank account which consisted of the proceeds of the selling of her house. My sister by the way is the one that insisted that my mother sell her house in the first place. We have hired a lawyer to look into this. Sure enough - cheques written by my sister consisted of large cash withdrawing - even sums of $100,000. I have been told from other abuse resources that because my sister took money from a joint account that it would not be seen as abuse. The reason she had a joint account with my mother was to pay her bills while she was in the hospital. It does not seem right that just because a joint account was set up with between my mom and my sister to pay my moms bills that it is alright for my sister to take out money. My question is: are there any resources that will help us to remove my sister as agent and attorney. Also is there any help available from elder abuse sources to help with the cost of the lawyer. Perhaps there is a source that will take up the legal issue once it is apparent that there are financial issues? It is a heavy cost burden to see this through the court system which is why many people may not go forward in pursuing financial abuse
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