The Alberta Elder Abuse Awareness Council is a network of Albertans dedicated to increasing awareness and supporting a community response to elder abuse.
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Do you have a resource you would like to share? Contact us and we can arrange to have it posted here.

The following list represents a selection of resources that address the issue of Elder Abuse. Some of these have been developed as a part of an AEAAC initiative. Some are community-based while others are related to initiatives in other parts of the country. They may help you expand your knowledge and awareness regarding the abuse of older people.

This list is meant as a starting point and is by no means a complete list of resources that may be available. These are pdf documents and can be easily downloaded.

Be sure to check back frequently, as new initiatives, research, etc. are placed here to further your understanding of Elder Abuse and to support our mandate to promote awareness of this growing social concern.

A list of current web links is also available