What is AEAAN?
The Alberta Elder Abuse Awareness Network is a network of Albertans dedicated to increasing awareness and supporting a community response to elder abuse. Canada’s fastest growing population is over the age of 65 and rapidly becoming vulnerable to abuse that can rob them of their well-being, dignity and, horrifyingly, their lives. AEAAN is:
     ●  a province-wide network of professionals
     ●  represented by communities across Alberta
     ●  promoting the well-being of older adults
●  working to increasing community awareness
●  developing resources to address elder abuse
●  strengthening the right to safety, respect and dignity
Can you recognize the signs of abuse of seniors? Do you know what to do when you see these signs? The Government of Alberta, in partnership with the Alberta Elder Abuse Awareness Network has produced this video to raise awareness of elder abuse and to let those affected know there is help available.
Please watch and call when you are aware that an older adult is being mistreated.
AEAAN is comprised of representatives of communities across Alberta.

Choose a community to get help or find out more about what is available near you.

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About the AEAAN Blog
Please consider that this blog is not monitored continuously and as such, is not to be considered a place to receive advice or immediate response.  For support, information and resources in your area, please visit the "Getting Help" tab on the yellow bar at the top of your screen or click on the map in the bottom left corner.

If your safety and well being is at immediate risk, please call 9-1-1 or go to a place/person you trust for assistance.